Super Stijena


Bojan, Matej, Petar, Mario, Elizabeta, Mateja and Dajmian are just a few of the new campers I met at Severin last week during “Super Stijena,” the camp for seven to ten year olds. Although the weather was cold and rainy and the stomach bug hit toward the end of the camp, we had a great week learning about Jesus.  Each day, we sang lots of songs in Croatian and English.  Each evening, Mijo, one of the Croatian leaders, played the part of Simon Peter.  The kids were enthralled by his story and then listened well as Kate explained what it means and how we can follow Jesus too.


In addition to the morning and evening program, the campers participated in Bible studies, crafts, archery, baseball, rock climbing, tetherball, ping pong and dance praise.  Along with leading the dance praise, I was in charge of the daily English and craft times and often got to sing along with different kids at meal and free times with songs like Great Big God and It’s Bubbling in My Soul. I was in the orange room this year, along with two other leaders and four wonderful girls – all from Split. I got lots of hugs and smiles and they even made my bed each morning!

Dan and Lydia are at the teen camp right now. It sounds like Dan is having some great conversations with kids and Lydia is enjoying hanging out and helping lead worship.  Ellie Beth and I are gearing up to join them for the English Bible camp for 11 to 13 year olds in a few days. We are praying for fabulous weather, good health for everyone and hearts ready to follow God!